About Us

The Turtletot story

Turtletot childcare is a family-owned childcare centre that’s been proudly contributing childcare services to the Bexley and St George area since 2009. Our purpose-built facility with six classrooms is a hub for the local community that emphasises wholesome fun, friendliness and lots of positive energy for kids and parents alike.

Every day up to 91 children enjoy our full-service childcare and become part of the family, with best-practice education and inclusivity from our team of over 25 qualified educators. Our motto since the beginning has been Love, Care and Education for everyone who comes through our doors.

So come inside and take a look, we’d love to show you around

How Turtletot came to be

After starting our own family with twins we began researching childcare options in our local area. While there were many good Bexley childcare centres nearby, we didn’t find what we were looking for.

Our vision was to find a place that offered a complete service for both children and parents/carers – a full-service childcare centre that felt like home but offered the best professional care. We began to research what an all-inclusive service for children aged 0 to 6 leading to primary education would look like, and we created our own vision.


Two nursery rooms, house 12 and 16 children. Complete with separate cot rooms, nappy change areas.




Two nursery rooms, house 12 and 16 children. Complete with separate cot rooms, nappy.




Two nursery rooms, house 12 and 16 children. Complete with separate cot rooms, nappy.



Daycare in Bexley that covers everything

As parents of twins, we understand how busy life can get when you’re juggling childcare, work and the million other challenges of daily life. Through our research into childcare, we decided that the best way to help both kids and parents was to offer an all-inclusive service for childcare. No matter what age, every child at our Bexley childcare facility enjoys five home-style cooked meals every day and has access to bed linen, nappies and every other necessity. All parents need to do is kiss them goodbye at the drop-off and hug them hello at pick up.

In between, our team of professional educators take care of everything, from feeding and hygiene to learning and playing through activities and experiences for childcare Bexley based. That’s why people love sending their kids to Turtletot’s childcare. We take care of everything, so you can tackle the rest.

Total care from the ground up

We built a special purpose centre for childcare in Bexley, engaging a specialist architect to create a home away from home that prepares children for their journey into “big school”.

We wanted the children in our facility to enjoy a safe, healthy environment that was fun and educational. Our design was created with inclusive classrooms for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children, with three rooms taking a theme each of Earth, Water and Forest. The Earth room is for infants because we are all born of the earth. Water is where we begin to safely explore our limits, so toddlers take this room. And in the forest, we spread our wings, perfect for preschool kids.

A growing family childcare in Bexley

Turtletot childcare opened its doors 2009 and within six months we were at full capacity! At the 18-month mark, the childcare governing body tested us and awarded “High-Quality Accreditations”, returning in 2014 to award us an “Exceeding Standard” rating.

With this very strong start, the opportunity came in 2015 to purchase a neighboring property, allowing us to expand our services from 44 places per day to 91. The same design standards and philosophy of love, care and education guided the new addition’s development, and now our facility is one of the best and brightest in Australia.

Early childhood education, the Turtletot way

Over the years 500 children and counting have enjoyed their time at Turtletot childcare in Bexley and we look forward to many more. We are committed to giving the best start in life to children through high-quality early childhood educational practices and attention to emotional, social, self-help and physical skills. To complete the circle, we liaise regularly with local primary schools to constantly improve our services. Our staff members are always learning new skills and improving their qualifications, building a professional team that feels like family, ensuring we offer childcare that parents in the Bexley and surrounding area can count on.

Our waitlist

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