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Dots Icon Executive IQ

Holistic Assessment of your entire spend

Consolidated view of all BOM’s with product-level detail at multiple levels of your organization. Prioritized view of BOM’s with highest savings and risk are displayed in clearly, concisely and in real time.

  • View number of BOMs, Parts, Spend and Savings by Business Unit, Product, BOM Supplier and site
  • View Lifecycle, Lead time, Compliance and Single Source risk by Business Unit, Product, BOM supplier and site
  • Prioritized view of BOMs with highest savings opportunities or risk potential
  • View spend and risk information by BOMs, Supplier, Manufacturer and Part Category

Dots Icon BOM IQ

Speed Time to Market by making Product Iterations faster.

View prioritized insights in real time to drive savings, assess risk and eliminate countless hours of spreadsheet manipulation.

  • Upload a BOM and get cost, savings and risk information in minutes
  • Track product cost over time and Quickly see Annual spend and savings based on negotiation and alternate part recommendations
  • Roll up new BOM cost based on contract price, distributor price (public and VIP) and alternates
  • Compare current BOM cost to best in class cost and evaluate savings opportunities
  • BOM Health Rating (BHR) calculated based on part lifecycle, lead time, single source and compliance risks.
  • View detailed part level risk information – Years to End of Life, Lead times, Distributor inventory, MOQ, Order Multiple etc.

Dots Icon Part IQ

Comprehensive Data on Part Cost and Risk

  • Free text search for parts based on Item number, description, manufacturer name, manufacturer part number or specifications
  • Quickly see where used information for parts and cumulative usage across the company
  • Promote part reuse across the enterprise by showing which MPNs are already being used
  • Part cost information based on contract price, distributor retail price, distributor VIP/Special pricing and Benchmark Price.
  • Part Health Rating (PHR), Lifecycle Forecast, Obsolescence Risk, Compliance Risk and Single Source Risk
  • Detailed Part specifications and information such as distributor stock, lead time, MOQ, Order Multiple
  • Alternate part recommendations based on Form, Fit, Function (FFF) or Functional (F) equivalents
  • Estimated cost savings based on approved alternates as well as Part Analytics recommended alternates
  • Quickly compare specifications, pricing and risk information for alternates

Dots Icon Category IQ

Direct Material Spend Analytics

  • Our powerful dashboards gives you a clear view of your spend portfolio with ability to filter by Commodity, Sub-commodity, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Business Unit and Region​
  • View spend and number of parts by age to enable data driven discussions with Engineering team on design refresh opportunities​
  • Quickly assess the impact of geographical events on your spend by getting visibility to country of origin data for your parts
  • View Negotiation and Alternate-based savings opportunities by Commodity, Sub-commodity or Manufacturer​.
  • Compare discounts given by manufacturers within same sub-commodity to identify negotiation opportunities​
  • View Life Cycle, Lead time, Single Source and Compliance Risk by Commodity, Sub-commodity and Manufacturer​.
  • Get Before and After risk profile based on alternate part recommendations​
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Dots Icon RFQ IQ

Automate sourcing for Direct Material

  • Get sourcing out of spreadsheets and email inboxes to a central location
  • Launch RFQs for both Assemblies and components from a single platform
  • Automate bid analysis and award business
  • Competitively source both Direct material and MRO spend from the same platform
  • Spend less time preparing for negotiations and more time implementing opportunities
  • ⦁ Improve agility and act fast on opportunities with all the information at your fingertips